Sam Hoang
In my long career, I have led and executed design projects in agencies and companies such as Teague, Tactile, Hulu, and Amazon. Right now, I'm happily employed as a remote product designer at Meta.
I'm a design generalist that's proficient in a variety of design tools—I can create whatever design artifacts are required to communicate an idea, whether it's user flows, wireframes, high-fidelity screen layouts, or interactive prototypes. I prefer being embedded within scrappy, cross-disciplinary teams than centralized design orgs. I've seen magic happen when product managers, engineers, researchers, and designers are empowered to move quickly and autonomously.
Although my entire career has been focused on digital design, my formal education is in Architecture, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Georgia Tech and a Master of Architecture from MIT.
Please feel free to email if you want to contact me. Please also visit Wandering Away, a journal of my recent travels, and follow me on Instagram @wandering.away for more pictures.
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